Commercial & Industrial Offices
Sanitise work desks and fittings and we also specialise in very dirty hard floors.
Shop Premises
Cleaning and caring for shop fridges, shelving and floors.
Service Stations
Shop and forecourt areas and we specialise in cleaning up petrol and diesel spills.
Commercial & Industrial Offices
Commercial Offices
At this moment in time I find that everyone is concerned about all the terrible bugs that are passed around (cross infections). It is very important to me that I when I clean desks and everything on and around them that they are not just dusted but are sanitised to a very high standard. Light switches and doors are also very important to keep clean as it is a known fact that MRSA and other similar bugs can be passed on from this form of cross infection.

Industrial Offices
Over time I have become accomplished at cleaning hard floors that have been covered in oil and grease, with perseverance and hard work they can be brought back to some semblance of decency and kept reasonably well.
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